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Full solution locate ticket management software.

Utilocate is a complete damage prevention platform with everything in one place for 811 / One Call.




Work efficiently with all your data and documents in one place.

Automated Responses to 811 or call centers, contractors, and utilities.

ESRI Mapping  is built in the decision maker and as a viewer.

Data Collection using photos,  sketches, or sketches on photos.

More features

Office Look-ups and Clearing
Have Utilocate analyze your locate requests before you even look at them to help streamline your completion process.

Damage Investigations 
Create, report, and complete Damage Investigations. You can also build and complete custom audits for your Utility Locator.

Speedy Locate Completions
Complete locates fast with minimum clicks. Utilocate is the tool of choice for Locators.

Digital Dig Coordinates
Get exact coordinates over your Infrastructure maps to show where the dig is going down.



Utilocate revolutionizes utility management with its cutting-edge technology and streamlined solutions. Our platform offers unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in 811 ticket management, ensuring seamless operations for telecom and utility companies.

By leveraging Utilocate, organizations can optimize their ticket management process, reducing response times and minimizing the risk of costly errors. With advanced features such as real-time tracking and automated notifications, users can effortlessly monitor ticket statuses and prioritize tasks with ease.

Experience the power of precision with Utilocate's intuitive interface and comprehensive tools. From ticket creation to resolution, our platform empowers users to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional service to customers.

Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to a new era of efficiency with Utilocate. Join the ranks of leading telecom and utility companies who trust Utilocate to revolutionize their operations and exceed customer expectations.