One Call Locate Tickets done right.

We packed all of our locate development knowledge into one intuitive package!

Direct ticket entry 

Using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or Email Systems, all ticket details are automatically organized within the program and tickets are ready to be completed instantly. No more emailing or preparing locate request tickets for your locators.

Filtering Locate Requests

Reduce travel, labour, and your One Call bill. UtiLocate 2 suggests which locate request tickets can be cleared right from the office. It creates an “All Clear” locate report form PDF and sends the positive response to the excavator and One Call based on non-dangerous work criteria.


Have locate request tickets bypass your dispatcher and go straight to your locator. Whether they are starting their day or already in the field, tickets that require field stake out become available for completion to your locator instantly. That means more time spent locating.

Ticket Overflow

Nervous about your employee’s ability to handle all the locate requests? Don’t want to contract out and hang your locator to dry? With Ticket Overflow, you can fill your employee’s workload and whatever he can’t handle, send those tickets to a Locate Service Provider. Always stay on top of your locate requests and ensure they’re completed “On Time”.

Custom Locate work forms

Whichever form you currently use for your completed locate forms (Excavator must have forms on-site to dig), Competers Inc creates a digital version so your locate form is exactly what you use now. Not using a form? No problem. Utilocate uses the blueprint for a form that is aligned with the CGA’s best practices.

Digital Drawing Tool

Field markings are documented on your report form with the industries quickest and easiest field sketching tool, Udraw. Udraw is included in UtiLocate and with check boxes for completing tickets, it enables the fastest completion of a locate form.

Automatic  Response

Utilocate uses an automatic faxing and emailing system. When your locate request ticket is completed in the field, no post office work is necessary. When your locator finishes their day, they connect to the internet and uploads their completed tickets. The completed locate form is then automatically emailed to the excavator and positive response is also provided to One Call or 811


Completed locate forms are stored in a database. Easy search and referencing is provided using any ticket details criteria from which locator, date, request number, work details, excavator. Easily reference any previous ticket for damage investigations and prove your due diligence. Save office space with no more physical storage of paper locate forms.


The Utilocate Companion app can be used to capture photos of current locates to be stored in Utilocate helping you to speed up your processes and integrate data quicker.