MAY 6, 2021Here’s more exciting news – PUC has joined the UtiLocate family and are now automating their locate processes with our technology!

Welcome Blandford-Blenheim

MAY 5, 2021We’d like to welcome the Township of Blandford-Blenheim to the UtiLocate Family. They’re already removing locate headaches.

Why make your locate process paperless?

Everyone is aware of the headaches that can be caused by a paper driven process, locating is no different: misplaced or damaged drawings, line-ups at the scanner, and endless emailing. There are an overwhelming amount of benefits to completing locates digitally and we’ll discuss them in this article. Using a software program such as our UtiLocate2- Locate Management Software makes …

One more thing before Dig Safe month is over!

Ontario One Call now offers GeoJSON at no additional cost. In the past you would just receive one coordinate where the dig area would be but now you get the exact waypoints from the excavators drawing, over our aerial map from the web portal, allowing you to recreate the map selections in your own GIS and Screening Centres. Take the guesswork …